Sunday August 16th 2009

17 08 2009

Renaults appeal against its 1 race ban begins in Paris Tomorrow- Well the big day will be tomorrow for all the Alonso and Renault fans. Going by past precedent which i normally approve of  as being the only way to fairly deal out punishments for rule breaking in F1, Renault have defiantly been dealt a hard deal. The punishment has been seen especially harsh as it falls on one of the home races of Renaults star driver Fernando Alonso who is seen as being the main attraction for the race in Valencia. Whether or not this should come into consideration is a matter I am not sure of. One the one hand F1 exists to put on a show so its judges need to be aware of this when they pronounce penalties. On the other the Sport needs a fair and independent body to adjudicate over it which is independent from all the teams drivers, circuit owners and promoters. As far as I can see the most important point here is to have consistency. Its no use pretending commercial thoughts don’t come into decisions if they clearly do; Inconsistency in this area will undoubtedly benefit the bigger teams over their smaller rivals which is unfair, so a solid and fair policy is needed. More on the result of the hearing when it is released.

Luca Badoer set to test drive F60 for ‘promotional purposes’- The testing ban this season has been by many as silly unnecessary and even described as some as dangerous. This has come into particular focus as drivers such as Jamie Alguersuari have been forced to start race weekends with very limited experience of the car they are expected to race in a world championship grand prix. Ferrari of course are not making a change though their own choice of course so the situation is slightly different. However rules are rules and it was not surprising to see red bull refuse permission for a luxury one of their own drivers did not have; Ferrari chucking all the toys out of their pram at Williams perhaps was though. That all appears to have been for nothing as Ferrari are having a promotional event with super hard tyres and 100km of running which is a test in all but name. On the one hand this clearly isn’t quite in the sprit of the (silly) testing ban. On the other they are really not going to learn anything about their car, and I would rather see a driver in control of his car racing at Valencia instead of someone still trying to get to grips with it. Its not fair, but in this situation it might just be right?

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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