Monday August 17th 2009

17 08 2009

Renault win their appeal and will race at Valencia- For all the fans of the team and Alonso out there, great news he will be racing at the second of his home grand prix of the year.  Whilst the FIA court of appeal would maintain that commercial considerations didn’t come into it, I would be very surprised if they didn’t, especially with the Valencia race being so dependent on the success of Fernando Alonso. On the one hand this is good for F1 as it means lots of fans in Spain, may of whom are new to the sport won’t be disappointed. On the other hand it appears to show a weakness on the part of the FIA on a safety issue which has been in the news a lot lately with the tragic death of Henry Surtees and Felipe’s incident. Renault will perhaps point to those incidents and claim the original penalty was simply a reaction to them, and they would be right that teams have not been punished so severely for similar infringements in the past. The fine is the same Red Bull received for Vettel continuing to drive a dangerous car in Melbourne. But we have been shown how dangerous it is to have a car which loses a part, hopefully the rules will be clarified to put in place punishments which discourage such behaviour. Although $50,000 is the maximum financial sanction which could be applied, it is unlikely to discourage teams which need a win from releasing a car which has a possibility of having unsecured parts.

Massa appears on brazillian TV and aims for a return at Interlagos-

Great news! I can’t wait to see Felipe back in a car doing what he does best. His recovery from the awful incident at the Hungaroring has been nothing short of Stella, and the fact he has felt up to doing a big TV interview is brilliant. Felipe comes across as a really nice guy, and although it would be wrong for him to jump in a car before he is really ready, the thought of him making a return in front of his home fans is a mouth-watering prospect.

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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