Tuesday August 18th 2009

18 08 2009

Grosjean to Replace Piquet- No suprises there then, the rumours of the Frenchman jumping into PK’s seat have been floating around for most of the season. Its announcement seemed just a formality after Nelson sensationally announced his departure, but Renault had delayed making it public until they knew the result of their hearing in Paris. I don’t know a lot about the guy, apparently he has underperformed from his potential in GP2, and spends a lot of time off the racing line. Some drivers suit different cars more than others so it will be interesting to see how he goes in F1, especially with Nelson’s stark warning about his new boss undoubtedly ringing in his ears. Renault have apparently been keen to have a Frenchman in the car for a while, it will be interesting to see if this has an impact on whether they stay in the sport, and the possible return of the French Grand Prix

Toyota to keep focus on 2009 car- Not too sure about this. They made a big step forward this year, unfortunately both Brawn and Red Bull made bigger strides. I cant really see them winning a race in 09’ so perhaps they should start to work on next years car. The fact they aren’t looking at next year might raise some alarm bells about their future in the sport, but they did sign the Concorde agreement, and given the entry of new teams and the difficulty BMW are having getting any return on their investment in Sauber I would expect them to be around next year

Badoer says he will treat the European GP like a test session- Well I know he has spent years and years testing the cars, but is that really what he wants to do? If someone gave me the chance to race a Ferrari in a GP the last thing I would be thinking about is plodding round as if it was a test session. Perhaps he is concerned for his job, Marc Gene is immediately available as Ferrari’s second tester to step in the car if Badoer doesn’t impress. To be fair he is looking at it as a warm up which suggests he expects to be in the car for every race untill Felipe comes back.

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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