Thursday August 20th 2009

20 08 2009

Ari Vatanen releases his ‘October Manifesto’- Todt released his a few weeks back with a slick PDF and some quite radical ideas, we have had to wait to see Ari’s proposals and he appears to be attempting to use the publicity of a Grand Prix weekend to bolster his publicity. The title is interesting; it shares its name with the document outlining the civil liberties granted to the people of Russia by the Tsar after the attempted Revolution of 1905. I have no idea if this was deliberate or not, but hopefully it isn’t. The reforms proved to be insincere and not widespread enough, and the population rose up against him just over a decade later. I hope to Blog about Ari’s proposals this weekend.

Lewis cracks the whip in Woking Interesting video, Lewis and Jake genuinely seem to get on really well, which I guess is good news for the future of their on screen interactions and BBC access to Lewis for us in the UK. What I found most interesting in this clip is the way Lewis talks about going to the engineers and technicians and demanding to know what’s going on and why things aren’t ready yet. This really surprised me, he must feel really comfortable at McLaren to be able to do this, and perhaps people have underestimated how much he put into turning around this years car. He also seemed to be very involved in knowing exactly what each and every part that goes on the car is and what it is supposed to achieve. He looks very passionate about it, and with that sort of attitude it is easy to see him in the role as a team boss in the future?

Rosberg might be interested in going to Mclaren Classic interview here, AUTOSPORT desperate for Nico to say something about a potential move to McLaren, but he isn’t giving anything away. Ok he sort of does, but I am not sure if this was deliberate or just him doing a bad job. He says being team mates with Lewis would be sweet and sour, but having done it before he thinks he is up to the job. I am not sure he would beat Lewis, especially with it being his team and him being so established, but could Nico get the money or the car that good anywhere else? I think he should go, I don’t think he will win championships at McLaren, but he will win a lot more races there then any other options which are apparent at the moment. Unless he wants  and can take a gamble on Brawn.

Adrian Newey has spoken about the RB5 and its successor- Things I found interesting… Although the RB5 seems to be the best car on the track it is still not as good as it could be as the rear end of the car wasn’t designed to house the double decker diffuser. This bodes well for them for next season if they can package it right they could remain one of the front running teams. However if Brawn get themselves together they may be able to optimise their cars to an ultimately higher level than the Red Bulls. Newey also said he wants the RB6 to be an evolution from the RB6 with the obvious difference of the fuel tank. This will be something to watch as Newey has gained somewhat of a reputation of only building a fast car once every few years.

Martin Whitmarsh hails KERS as an advantage Not a massive surprise, Mercedes are unquestionably proud of their unit and we keep being told it’s the best on the grid. Given that it makes up half the units on the grid now this isn’t too hard to believe. Whilst I find the application KERS during the racing questionable, it seems to stop as much if not more overtaking than it promotes, its use of the line is unquestionable. Places made up there are invaluable and will the remainder of the season very interesting. If the McLaren’s are in the top 6 they know they have a genuine shout at a podium if not a win. It will be interesting to see if Brawn get their hands on the system before the end of the year.

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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