Wednesday 19th September 2009

20 08 2009

Rival teams supported Renault at its appeal hearing When the FIA published its transcript of the court of appeal hearing it revelled that 4 teams submitted statements in Renaults favour saying the incident could have happened to them, and generally offering their support in the appeal. Red Bull’s support of its engine supplier was not a surprise, it is interesting that the big guns of FOTA; Ferrari, McLaren and Toyota all offered their support too. This suggests their may have been a feeling in the organisation that the penalty was so harsh in response to not only the recent accidents but also aimed at Flavio Briatorie who has been very vocal in the recent disagreements between the FIA and FOTA.

USF1 reveals primary investor is YouTube founder Chad Hurley I have felt the F1 paddock has been short of people called Chad for sometime, so it is great news this is being addressed. Its good news for the team as the guy obviously is flush with cash after selling YouTube with his partners for 1.6bn 3 years ago. I don’t expect YouTube to be a title sponsor, but it could give the team a platform to broadcast from which would be interesting. McLaren have been experimenting with behind the scenes video’s this year, but I expect USF1 to take this to the next level.

Valencia to slightly modify the circuit ahead of this years Race Nothing major but a couple of safety tweaks here and there, moving the barriers back and re-profiling the pit exit. All in the name of safety which is of course highly important. Artificial grass has also been added behind some kerbs to discourage people trying to cut them. Although I doubt this will enliven the dull nature of the track we saw last year, it is good to see they are learning, maybe there could be bigger changes in the future?

2010 Qualifying to be contested on low fuel– with the ban on refuelling next year and the addition of 3 new teams, the qualifying rules have had to be slightly tweaked. Common sense seems to have prevailed with Q3 remaining a session for the top 10, and being run on low fuel as teams will not be refuelling in the race. This could be interesting though; will teams refuel during the session or go out with enough fuel to do all their runs on?

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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