Saturday August 22nd 2009

22 08 2009

Williams to run KERS next year? Well the agreement not to rn it was decided by FOTA, and since FOTA have expelled Williams they are free to use it I guess. Its quite surprising they wish to run it next year after not utilising it this year, but perhaps they feel confident it will be developed sufficiently by then. The team have a unique flywheel system which they hope to sell on for use in busses and trains so I guess they want the publicity. On the other hand they still haven’t been invited back into FOTA so they may be out to cause as much trouble as they can. It will certainly disrupt the grouping. It will be interesting to see what Toyota do. They need Williams to run Kaz Nakajima as much as Williams need the engines, and the arrival of Cosworth next year wil offer new options to the team.

Free Practice 3- I missed watching this myself this morning, but a bit of reading later and I have caught up. Force India will have been very pleased to have topped the time sheets. They have nee under a bit of pressure this weekend with the team owner (Vijay Mallya) allegedly putting pressure on the team (and presumably team principle Vijay Mallya). Good luck to them, but if they cant raise their game I would rather see someone who can take their slot on the grid who can. Vettel delayed the session for half an hour after his engine sprung a leak and he drove a long way leaving oil all over the track and the racing line. This is dangerous and I am very surprised he hasn’t been punished. Although Its not too hard to see why he hasn’t been with the way the championship is set up at the moment.  Nakajima and Kubica also put in quick times which is good for the future of the former and a big come and get me advert for the latter.

Michael Schumacher is incredibly frustrated- apparently the fact he cant comeback has hit the former racer hard. If that’s the case I am not sure attending this weekends race was the best thing to be doing.

Red Bull to Run KERS?- Well this is interesting, a few races back the teams couldn’t get rid of their systems quickly enough! Following Lewis’ win in Hungary which owed a considerable part to KERS, the system appears to be back in vogue. Monza and Spa should be good for the system with long straights and large topographical changes which will see extra horsepower being especially useful. With the team lagging behind in the championship they have an incredibly good chance to win it although they are running out of races and a resurgent McLaren provides another obstacle. They need to gamble, and they can’t afford to be blown away off the line by KERS cars and sit behind them to pick up the smaller points. Brawn can do this on the other hand, so it makes sense for Red Bull to roll the dice and give it a go, but they will need to be careful not to upset the balance of the car.

Badoer’s cap says it all- If making your Debut in F1 is difficult, then jumping into a Ferrari alongside a former world champion over 10 years since your last race must be a daunting prospect. The Italian had managed to lower expectations with convincingly slow performances in the practice sessions. He managed to maintain these standards in Q1 with his best time being two and a half seconds slower than Raikonnen. Its just not good enough, I feel for the guy, but you cant keep someone that slow in the car. The lack of race experience in 09 F1 may also hamper Gene’s chances of getting in the car. If it was down to me I would love to see Nelson Piquet have a go in the Ferrari and show what he is really made of. He has an impressive race history, and although he didn’t show this at Renault, another team could be just what he needs to shine in F1.

Qualifying- Q1 saw a disappointing performance from Nakajima who had done well in FP3, Joining Badoer new boy Jaimie was unable to make it out the first session, if he is still learning but I wonder how long he will get in the car before they decide Hartley might deserve a go? Specialist qualifier Trulli also disappointed going out early. Q2 saw the exit of new boy Grosjean who I think can be pleased to have gotten that far. Sutil wasn’t able to convert his FP3 pace into a Q3 slot, Kubica did well to drag the BMW up into the top 10 shootout, Webber will be disappointed with only getting to ninth, whilst teammate Vettel will be pleased to be ahead of Button in 4th.. Heikki was very unlucky with a small mistake costing him pole which went to his teammate. McLaren are defiantly back, and look like they will be fighting for wins for the rest of the season.

Weights- Heikki’s lap was perhaps even more impressive as it has been seen to be done with an extra 2KG fuel in the car. It looks like Jenson and Rubens will be able to go a couple of laps longer which should be useful to Button if he gets stuck behind Vettel’s Red Bull. Something else to watch for is Trulli appears to be fuelled to go to the moon so expect a Trulli train behind him if he is given the chance to develop one.

That’s today’s rundown. What do you all think?




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