2009 Grand Prix of Europe- Valencia

23 08 2009

Williams are keen to end Toyota deal- Probably a good thing for the team. With the arrival of Cosworth they no longer need to be beholden to a rival manufacturer. The costs have fallen considerably so they no longer need to run a driver to pay for them. Might be a bit of a risk to jump to Cosworth for next season without seeing if they are really up to speed. But if they really want to run Kers, and Toyota wont give them an engine which allows them too then they will have to look elsewhere.

Toyota yet to receive their 2010 F1 Budget This is one of those rumours which just wont go away, despite the fact that they have signed the Concorde agreement doubts continue about their future. I cant see them leaving, it would be very difficult and expensive to shut the operation down as Honda and RMW have shown. They could of course try and use their facilities as a tech centre like has been proposed by BMW but their signing of the Concorde agreement makes this even more complicated. I hope they stay, they don’t have much to loose, and they have yet too taste success, I am sure they are keen to surpass Honda’s achievements if they can, and as the biggest car maker in the world I would hope they can afford it.

Schumacher rules out a comeback this year and likely ever.– I am not sure if this will be effected by Badoer’s performance today, but it will likely help the driver market as rumours of a reunion with Ross Brawn remained. Whatever your opinion of him, he was a divisive future, and although this did bring something to the F1 show, I think his era has passed and its time for the next generation of Legends to shine.

Bernie Gives Donington a Deadline- The seemingly never ending saga of the British Grand Prix continues, with Bernie appearing to threaten to take the race away from Donington altogether unless hey can prove they have the funding needed by the end of next month. This is quite a turnaround for the man who said he would be happy for the race to take a year out of the calendar if Donington couldn’t manage a race in 2010. I think the massive crowds at Silverstone may have swayed him, especially after disappointing crowds at so many races this year.


Ruuuubennnnnnnnnnns!- Great result for not just him but the sport in general. He has had a rough time of it this year with Jenson winning so many races, and the strain of it has shown at times, most notably at Barcelona where he should have won, and in germany where he was a tad upset at the result. I am sure the whole paddock was pleased, but his crying on the radio, and dance on the podium were brilliant moments.

The worm turns in a can of Red Bull- They had the luck, they had the glory, but it all evaporated and this weekend will be one red bull will want to forget. The weekend hasn’t been great with Webber struggling in qualifying and Vettel loosing an engine in free practice 3. They looked to have a change of fortune at the start as button struggled and ended up having to give up a place to Webber after he cut a chicane. Vettel will not be happy with the team as a day after signing a new deal he was first let down with refuelling problems at a pitstop, and then yet another failure of his Renault engine. He seems to have far worse luck with them than the other 3 driver using them, I wonder if this is down to his driving style. In any case he is shot on engines, which is not great at this point of the season.  Webbers race was never going to be stellar but being caught behind the heavy McLaren of Kovaleinen during the 2nd round of pitstops he was jumped by Jenson and a resurgent Kubica.

Thats todays rundown- what do you all think?




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