Monday 24th August 2009

24 08 2009

Red Bull to not run KERS at Spa Well there isn’t a big surprise they haven’t run it so far and it seems a bit of a stretch to just bolt it on in the 2 day turnaround between back to back GP’s. They might still run it at Monza hough where I expect the long straights and lare braking zones make it perhaps the best circuit for the system.

Bridgestone announce tyre compounds for the remaining races of the year- Some of them are consecutive compunds some of them have the wider spread we saw at the beginning of the year. To be honest I am not all theat bothered. I think the mandatory running of two compounds rule is completely silly, and I hope it is ditched sooner or later. Formula one is about teams optimising their equipment to the absoloute peak of technology, using unsuitable tyres because of a illy rule makes no sense at all. It doesn’t help Bridgestone either as more often than not their tyres are seen to be not working properly.

Badoer set to keep seat at Spa- Despite the fact that everyone who has ever seen as much as a photograph of an F1 car believing they could do a better job, it looks like Ferrari will persist with the veteran Italian Tester. It doesn’t make sense to me, and the lap times cant make sense to Ferrari either. The only theory is it is one massive retirement present for the guy who did make a largely unsung contribution to Ferrari’s dominance under Schumacher. How long they continue with the theory is another matter.

Gene is not the happiest guy around-Well hes been overlooked for his home GP and too really rub the salt in the guy who has replaced him has perhaps the most disappointing race in a Ferrari for a long time. To make matters worse Luca’s performance has been so bad it may mean that Ferrari go to a driver like the underrated Nelson Piquet as he is up to speed with modern F1 cars and has been racing for Renault. Gene could argue that winning Le Mans proves he has raced enough, but the lack of testing in the current car may purseude Ferrari to look externally.

Valencia and Suzuka sign race deals- We are going back to Valencia for 5 more years which is a disaster, it is a terrible circuit. If I had to say something good about it the bridge is lovely and its nice to see the cars by the water. Unfortunatly in terms of racing it has little to offer, I don’t think there has been a significant overtake in the two GP’s it has hosted, and there are no corners of note. But alas, the bad news does come with a spoonful of good as Suzuka have signed up to run the Japanese GP in 2010 to fill the gap between the 09’ and 11’ races which was to be run at Fuji before the dropped out. Its great news, Suzuka is one of the best circuits in F1 in my opinion, and if we have to put up with the tedium of Valencia in order to race their then so be it.

Thats todays rundown What do you all think?




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