Tuesday August 24th 2009

25 08 2009

Brawn financed for the future with sponsorship deals- One of the biggest mystery’s of the season has been Brawns mysterious lack of sponsors given their success. Of course economically times are hard and many companies don’t want to be seen splashing out on expensive sponsorship deals at a time when they need are making job cuts. The signing of the Concorde has obviously helped things along and Brawn will have a shiny new sponsor for next season, so expect the cars to stay with their classical white look for the foreseeable future. I wonder who it cold be? O2? Sony? Coca-Cola? The mind Boggles!

More Business News- PitPass has an interesting article on sponsorship exposure at the European GP. Mclaren and their title sponsor Vodafone come off expecialy well, but I found it quite interesting how much the relative values are compared to the cost of running TV and print ads. James Allen also has an interesting point on the end of his article on Brawns news. He tells us how Richard Branson has been able to use his access to the F1 Paddock thorough his Brawn sponsorship to do some deals. Its an area of F1 sponsorship we don’t often hear about which I thought was interesting. He also raises the prospect of Manor being named Virgin, which sounds good if only for the amusing headlines it could produce.

Cosworth to be down on power next year? Not too surprising really considering all the running the other teams have had since the Cosworth V8 last ran for Williams. They have been quite bullish on their chances, but I expect them to be down at least at the start. But with development frozen hopefully they can catch up quickly.

Are the Nerves getting to Jenson? At the start of the season perhaps one of his biggest assets was his attitude. He was happy to just be there after a difficult winter, and the fact he didn’t have to worry about championships with ever race success being an added bonus shone though. In Bahrain he had the confidence to put a risky move on Lewis, early on without the fear of damaging his championship chances. Now leading the championship and struggling or a few races, the pressure is beginning to mount. Hopefully he can remember how he felt before Melbourne and that will relax him enough to let the car work well where it does and just try to do as well as he can when it doesn’t. Being stressed certainly won’t help him and hopefully the early season Jenson will be back sooner rather than later.

Red Bull are soon to make a decision on their 2010 Engine Logic says they will side with Mercedes after the reliability issues they have had with the Renault power plant this year. It is also significant to note they went with Renault because it seemed to be the dominant engine at the time with Alonso winning championships against the Ferrari’s. It could be good for the sport to have 3 top teams all running the same engines, but on the other hand Variety is the spice of life and I don’t want to see F1 becoming a spec engine series vs the Ferrari’s. There is also the issue of how Mercedes would handle a straight fight between the Red Bulls and McLaren’s for the title if the situation emerged…

F1 is not a sport Well there you have it. I guess all the Soap Opera politics and comical responses of Bernie which have entertained us for the past few months have not had the same effect on the Indian government. This poses a problem for a future Indian Grand Prix. But until the secuirity situation in idia improves enough perhaps it would be better to wait a few years, and make sure the event is a spectacle for the surrounds and the racing and not the security

Nelson for Ferrari? It seems like the logical move the paddock has been waiting to here, although nothing firm has been said, Nelson tweeted the following in response to a cartoon by the ever brilliant Bruno Mantovani: (TRANSLATED)Very cool! Thanks Mantovani! God willing, will be it! 😉 Here’s hoping!

…And thats todays F1Rundown!




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26 08 2009

I missed that news item about India not thinking F1 is a sport. I bet that makes Mallya really happy after he spent so much trying to advertise his new team in his home country.

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