Friday August 28th 2009

28 08 2009

Force India in trouble First there were bailiffs attempting to seize the team’s motorhome in Germany, then stories emerged that the team was having trouble paying its bills to Ferrari and McLaren. Now the team have arrived at Spa with what is best described as a cross between a trailer and a horse box. What on earth is going on there? I hope they don’t have to leave the sport, but you really have to wonder what is going on there at the moment.

Ferrari try to be funny Fresh from there verbal assault at Williams the Ferrari press office has had an attempt at some humour publishing an A-Z of drivers who could fill Massa’s seat for the next few races. Not incredibly funny, but it does show they have a sense of humour and don’t just fire off angry comments at rival teams.

Season to end with a sunsetAbu Dhabi has revealed a unique start time for the final race of the season, with a poetic transition from sunshine to darkness occurring as the race moves on. This had been rumoured for a while last year but it was thought the problems drivers had with the low sun in Australia would rule out the prospect of a race later on when the problem would be worse. Perhaps the problem wont be as bad as it was in Melbourne, the high humidity and smog levels create a low level of cloud which the sun will set though which will prevent it from being too harsh, and not to mention the fact that being on the edge of the tropics, the sun drops quickly so it will not linger low like it did in Melbourne. It should be spectacular in any case. I expect the drivers will race with clear visors with tinted tear offs on top of them. It is interesting to note that whilst the drivers did complain after melbourne that the sun was too low, 24 hour races have been dealing with this problem for some time. If you can hammer down the straights at Le Mans, i dont see why you cant potter around the marina in Abu Dhabi

Journalist asks silly question, Gets silly answer Perhaps it shows Jenson feels he is under a lot of pressure, perhaps it proves that F1 journalists can sometimes ask silly questions. If I was an F1 journalist my questions would always be sensible… I am sure the press room at spa found it quite funny and I suspect we won’t see many Brawn exclusives in The Times for the foreseeable future.

Bahrain to host season opener?- In a bid to find the best time to hold a race in Melbourne without doing it at night the race could be set to loose it s place as the opening race on the calendar, with Bahrain in the frame to replace it as it did in 2006. It would be a shame to loose Melbourne, but if it means the season starts earlier and the winter break isn’t quite as long, then I am all for starting in Bahrain.  It has been a good venue for the end of the flyaways though which would be a shame to loose.

Hamilton and Trulli top the timesheets– Too early in the weekend to really know whets going on, who is sand bagging and who is running light. P1 was wet and that’s supposed to get all the rain done with for the weekend which would normally make me happy, but wet races do seem to be more fun these days. The commentators seemed to all be pretty excited about what was going on in sector 2 as apparently this is the key to the lap. And Going by that Red Bull seem to have the strongest car. If you wish to be unconventional Brawn seem to be better in Sector 1. this features a sharp hairpin then a long up hill drag. Power would seem to be the key, and I wonder if that will factor into Red Bulls engine choice for next year?

Thats todays rundown…




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28 08 2009

Ferrari trying to be funny still seems like a bizarre thing for them to do. Having to apologise for missing out Hamilton, and of course, putting Alonso at the top of the list, all going to cause a stir.

Weird things going on at Ferrari HQ.

28 08 2009

I am loving this blog. If McLaren got get there money could that mean Williams could use the Merc engine next year

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