Thursday September 3rd 2009

3 09 2009

Lotus to return to F1?- Speculation started to emerge from twitter this morning that the lotus marquee could be returning to the f1 grid. Initially being reported by Ian Burrows  of F1 was the idea that it could be a merger with Sauber, with the Malaysian government taking control of the team, and using it to promote both the state owned oil firm of PETRONAS who have been a long term major sponsor of the team, as well as also owning lotus through their control of Proton cars. Later on Autosport reported that this could in fact be a rival bid designed to take Sauber’s place on the grid. The latter of these 2 options appeal to me more. Whilst I am a big fan of having f1 teams based all around the world (it is after all a world championship), the prospect of a legendary team like Lotus retuning is a mouth-watering prospect, but if it does return I would like it to do so properly from Norfolk and not simply be a Sauber with a different badge and a lick of paint. If Sauber loose their primary sponsor of PETRONAS as well as BMW it is very difficult to see how it could continue.

Ferrari add some Fizz- It was a pretty badly kept secret at the weekend, despite everyone acting as if they hadn’t the foggiest idea where the rumours had come from, but Giancarlo Fisichella is now officially Ferraris driver for the remaining 5 races of the 2009 season, and there reserve driver beyond that. His stunning drive to 2nd at the weekend probably sealed the deal and added a few more pennies on to his contract. He has given up any chance of a race seat next year to do it which shows how much the chance to drive a Ferrari means to him. I wish him all the best and it would be an amazing fairytale for him to win at Monza in 10 days time.

Force India’s success gives McLaren the Hurry up- Well the topsy turvy nature of this season has struck a blow to the egos of McLaren as the team they provide technical assistance to beat them at Spa. I hope they don’t take it too hard though, they have had a highly impressive turn around themselves, and I think they would be far better optimising themselves for next season than trying to eek out 3rd place in the constructors championship this year.

I have been a bit out of the lop for a few days, but hopefully normal service has been resumed!




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