Friday September 4th 2009

4 09 2009

Renault to appear before the WMSC One of the unfortunate hangovers from last weekends otherwise great race at spa was the emergence of a story that the FIA were actively investigating a previous world championship event. This was the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, where Alonso was able to triumph thanks to a timely safety car caused by his teammate just after he emerged from the pits. Apparently there was suspicion in the paddock at the time, and the most interesting claim for me was the fact that Massa actually confronted Flav about it. I don’t think it would have gone this far if there wasn’t serious evidence beyond Piquet’s say so. It does raise some interesting questions, if Flav and the senior management were to receive bans, and Renault pull the plug, what happens to the team?

Toyota set to stay in F1 but stop the huge spending An outbreak of common sense may have struck, good news that they are staying but they have been spending way too much for far too long. It would cost them a fortune to close the team down with such a big staff, and it would be hard to run it as an independent team given both its location and the size of its facility. Hopefully they will stay; at least until they can say they have more wins than Honda.

Peter Sauber in Malaysia Pretty much a sign that all is not well with prospects for his team to be around next year. I wasn’t aware that PETRONAS had signed up for three years so close to the withdrawal of BMW. They are clearly unhappy and I would be surprised if they had an exit clause to cover such an eventuality. If PETRONAS do throw their weight behind a lotus team, then I cant see Sauber continuing. Interesting also to note that the car company does not own the rights to the name Team Lotus. It will be interesting to see how this develops if they do not wish to cooperate with litespeed. Could they run the team calling it lotus grand prix for example?

Rossi could have raced at Monza Well as pleased as I am for Fisi to jump in the spare red car, it would have been even more amazing to see what Rossi could do in an F1 car. I would love the likes of him and Loeb to jump in F1 cars and see where they rate against the likes of Lewis, Kimi and Fernando. Maybe in the future perhaps?




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