Monday September 7 2009

7 09 2009

Mclaren want to buy a stake in Brawn? The deal has come of a bit of a surprise to everyone, however it does make some sense if you look at what has been happening at McLaren. They are ending their partnership to build specialist top end Mercedes cars so they can develop their own supercar line, which i belive the engines for these will be Mercedes, but they will be solely for McLaren use and not part of their normal line, a bit like the engine in the Bugatti Veyron. Mercedes may want to use brawn as their replacement, Brawn Mercedes SLR anyone? Taking a stake in the team will also allow them to brand the cars more extensively and use them in Marketing, all of which are attractive. Whilst i don’t expect to see silver brawns with a yellow stripe around the nose to compliment the silver McLaren with a red stripe, Mercedes branding on the brawn has been almost non existent this year, i think that’s unlikely to continue.

Liuzzi in at force India- Replacing the outgoing Fisichella, Force India have followed the logical course of action and promoted their reserve driver. I am sure he will be keen to impress in a car that looks set to place well up the field at Monza, he will be eyeing a drive with the team in 2010, and he will probably need to beat his teammate who disappointed at Spa to do that. Their had been speculation that team principle Vijay Mallya would look to put a pay driver in the car to help with the budget, but whilst he seems to put that idea to the backburner now, both drivers will be aware the option remains for next year.

Donnington Bullish on progress, mouse-ish on details- Simon Gillette appears to be keen to tell the media that everything is proceeding on track for next year’s British GP to be hosted at Donnington. He has good reason to as Bernie demanded some assurances by the end of the month. It is one thing to say that progress is being made, but I guess we will have to wait until the end of the month to really find out.




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