Tuesday September 8 2009

8 09 2009

Could Mercedes ditch Red Bull before their deal has even been signed?- It has been widely speculated that red bull had decided to switch from Renault to Mercedes. However German car firm has today shelved its plans to announce its engine plans for next year at Monza. Speculation is that this may be part of the Brawn equity deal, which seams plausible. Equally plausible is the possibility that the powers that be aren’t so keen on 1 engine supplier at 3 of the top 5 teams. Of course it could just be that negotiations are held up. Williams will be looking on eager eyed, but I guess we wont hear any more until they are ready to announce it…

Ferrari and Santander to make an announcement at MonzaWhat’s this! One of McLaren’s top sponsors’ having an event with their big rivals Ferrari? The sponsorship deal has been long known about, if not confirmed, but the event could be one to watch. Ferrari traditionally confirm their driver line-ups for the following year at Monza. Could announcement with a big Spanish sponsor bring about some other Spanish flavoured news? Quite possibly; although it is also conceivable that they may wish to wait whilst the FIA investigate Alonso’s role in the alleged actions of Renault at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

Massa Speaks- In an exclusive interview with the guardian… He speaks about his accident and the difficulties it has put though both him and his wider family. The audio is ruined by a terrible interviewer so it probably best to just read the text, but even this is fraught with errors (The incident occurred during Qualifying, not practice) He comes across very well though, the incident has clearly had a big impact on him, but he still hopes to be back and quick as ever. And its very interesting to here how he had contacted the Surtees family a few days before. But just as we are so taken away with what a nice guy he is; he talks about how Jenson could be choking for the title like Lewis almost did last year. He seems to sum up Ferrari… does 99% of what’s required to like make you genuinely likable before holding up a massive reminder of why you had to be convinced in the first place. Still, all the best for his recovery.




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