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Right… what on earth is this you ask!

Well its clearly an F1 blog… Its existence came into being by both my desire to write about F1 for myself, and a desire to let everyone else know what I think! I have had a previous F1 blog called Racing Politics which has been slightly short lived. I found it difficult to keep up with posting at random points so Ii took the decision to write a daily Blog.

The idea is relatively simple; it’s originally based on an ESPN TV show called PTI. Essentially I intend to cover as much (if not all) the f1 news of the previous 24 Hours, with a link to the original story and my views on it. The idea is to be concise and get though as much as possible… but feel free to disagree with anything I say in the comments!

I intend to post each day at the end of working hours to give people the chance to catch up on the days major F1 goings on when they get home. I will only covering news from either the original source or from sites which report reasonably reliably and accurately.

I will also hope to do special posts every now and again on specific subjects;  some of which will be written under the racing politics banner.

When i am not here blogging you can often find me in the comments at the awesome sidepodcast site, who incidently also produce the awesome F1miniute with a more factual look at the days stories.

Please feel free to leave a comment and get involved with your opinions. Suggestions about the blog are more than welcome too 😀


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